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Monitoring device

Vitio Medical S.L.


Corporate design

Web Design

Packaging Design

Vitemp is an innovative medical device that easily monitors people's health. It controls in real time and remotely the health status of patients.

It monitors vital signs in real time and has a configurable alert system that alerts healthcare personnel if necessary.

Vitio, the proposed name, is a word that refers to the concept of "vita" or "vital". It stands for the improvement of care and attention to people. The common thread is life. A life that has to be treated with dignity and with the necessary attention, especially in the stages where we are most vulnerable. 

Vitio's logo is the written representation of the brand's fundamental pillars, technology taking care of life. The fine dry stick typography evokes the more technological side of the brand while the rounded shapes bring humanity to the design.

This concept is reinforced by the chromatic range that consists of a gradient from a bright color that represents the human factor to a darker tone that identifies with the more technological side of the brand.

To top it all off, the product presentation website was designed. The home page is eye-catching and visually complements the product's aesthetics.