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Nitric Oxide Analyzer

Eversens S.L.


Product design
User experience design

Evernoa is a medical device that helps healthcare personnel in the diagnosis and monitoring of asthma and other respiratory conditions. By means of the patient's exhalation through the blower, the device is able to perform an analysis of the gases exhaled from the lungs, helping to detect possible pathologies.

Eversens is an innovative technology-based startup born from the Public University of Navarra with the focus on this first development. In its first years it has won many awards and recognitions for its research work with different R&D&I endorsements.

From the studio we collaborated with the client, co-creating together from the beginning in a strategic and global way in the different aspects of the launching of the brand Evernoa and the product to the market.

Evernoa-Design Medical Device

Contributing to generate an adequate user experience for the healthcare professional and patient, taking care of the corporate aspects through the product and guaranteeing the viability of its serial industrialization. 

Evernoa-Design Medical Device

"Through collaboration with Vidorreta Design, we saw the importance of design in our final product, where after a period of working together, we have obtained a practical yet easy and intuitive device for all users."

Juan Mari Perez Azpeitia CTO & Co-Founder
Evernoa-Design Medical Device

From the studio we collaborate with the client co-creating together in the conceptual development of the device, taking care of aspects such as user experience, ergonomics, corporate communication through the product and ensuring the feasibility of its serial industrialization.


Horizon 2020's Seal of Excellence & SME Instrument PHASE 2.

European Commission

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Entrepreneur XXI Awards Finalist

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Selected for the Headstart 2020 program, Covid19

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